"Canary" experimental branch available!

The branch called "canary" is a public beta version of the game, complete with new experimental features and probably bugs, too. It's an incrementally updated version of the update that's going to be pushed out at the end of October. Download it on the game's itch.io landing page!

Now, in the canary experimental branch, we have:

  • Graphics: More variation in floor tiles ("flair"), per-world variation in what Water looks like. Much prettier and much more apropos!
  • Several bugfixes, including some Buzzsaws flat-out not moving. (Some of these bugs were only in the canary branch. Oops!) Thanks for the reports!
  • For completionists, a small option to have clearing a stage highlight the same stage again, rather than the next, so that it's easy to return to it
  • Game's music now silences and the game pauses when window loses focus

These and others will make their way to the main branch at the end of the month.

Got a bug? Feature request? Please post about it or message me directly, and you can be sure that I'll give it due consideration.

Happy Squaring!


Little Square Things - Canary (WARNING: experimental branch) 20 MB
Version 9 Nov 01, 2019
Little Square Things - Canary (WARNING: experimental branch) 20 MB
Version 1 Oct 09, 2019

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