September 30: Release of Little Square Things! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Hooray! We'll be moving out of Early Access and into a full Release on Monday, September 30th! It's a celebration of the Legacy version's 11th anniversary.

Though "release" isn't too big a deal since I see incremental improvements on the horizon anyway, along the lines of what later stage Early Access has been all about, well after that date. Bigger features will be added post-release if all goes well too.

I happily welcome your feedback before and after release. No issue or suggestion is too small.

It's been a while since the last update, but you can expect one soon. Some features that I'd been working on are big and "all-or-nothing", meaning that I haven't been able to push anything incremental out there for quite some time. Many of those features, unfortunately, are boring but necessary. But here's what you can expect to see in the update:

  • Some world themes (anesthetics) are. changed around (e.g. Zed Land has been cut in favor of Block Land, which I personally think is a neat theme)
  • "How to Play" will be more useful, but still not too hold-your-handy
  • Under-the-hood better support for settings, especially to do with controllers and key/button bindings
  • "Big news"! Square Things now has the technology to display 17 colors instead of 16! Amazing!
  • Unique music for almost all words (with each to get its own unique music later on)
  • Cute surprises and Easter eggs.

Happy Squaring!


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Aug 24, 2019

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