Canary: now aka "the RC for whatever we're calling the end of October update"

October is over in just over a week, meaning that that end of October update needs to be pushed out soon! It should be tested first, which is where you come in. The canary branch now has that update in what is hopefully its final form. Please check it out and send your requests and bug reports this way! To summarize what's in the end of October update:

  • Retrace your steps with Undo! If you accidentally(?) drown one too many squares, or if you just feel like playing "what-if?", just hit a button, and you're back to where you were just a fraction of a second ago. Press it again, and you're where you were a fraction of a second ago before then. You get the idea.
  • Call up the Legend to get a description of all of the pieces in the level. Get a couple of hints and tips -- and some much-needed context for the puzzle in front of you!
  • Tired of the same old bring floor tiles, water, walls, and other things? The worlds' themes have been differentiated even more, and details have been sprinkled all around the floor.
  • Postgame content. Beating the game has never been more rewarding!
  • Bugfixes. And usability tweaks.

Happy Squaring!


Little Square Things 22 MB
Version 6 May 19, 2021
Little Square Things 22 MB
Version 1 Oct 21, 2019
Little Square Things - Canary (WARNING: experimental branch) 20 MB
Version 7 Oct 24, 2019

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