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Little Square Things

Forget the box. Think outside the entire warehouse! · By gbelo


Recent updates

UPDATE: It's here -- the whatever the name of the October update is!
The canary has flown out of the cage! Tell everybody! Updates here (again): Retrace your steps with Undo! If you accidentally(?) drown one too many squares, or...
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Canary: now aka "the RC for whatever we're calling the end of October update"
October is over in just over a week, meaning that that end of October update needs to be pushed out soon! It should be tested first, which is where you come in...
3 files
Canary update: "Legend" and more!
Updates to the canary (experimental) branch: Legend that describes all of the pieces on the current level (Menu -> Legend). It's still ever so slightly rough ar...
1 file
"Canary" experimental branch available!
The branch called "canary" is a public beta version of the game, complete with new experimental features and probably bugs, too. It's an incrementally updated v...
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And... it's out! Download it!! Leave comments!! Share on social media!! Tell your friends!! Give feedback!! HOORAY !!! You should know by now that this isn't th...
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RELEASING TOMORROW, ACTUALLY: 09/29/2019, "Square Things Sunday", ...
That's right; pressing that Release button tomorrow ! What does this mean for us? Feedback is still more than welcome. Nothing has changed there. Releases will...
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September 30: Release of Little Square Things! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
Hooray! We'll be moving out of Early Access and into a full Release on Monday, September 30th! It's a celebration of the Legacy version's 11th anniversary. Thou...
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